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September 18, 2016: Saugahatchee Church, Reeltown, Alabama 11:00 AM


“I am committed to your success and helping you determine your passion, your purpose, and getting insight on those things which God has called you to do.”

-In His Love,



“The purposes of a person’s heart are deep waters, but one who has insight draws them out” (Proverbs 20:5).

Find Your Passion, Discover Your Purpose. This is Your Moment!

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Who Am I?

I am a believer in Jesus, He has changed my life drastically. I love to help others, promote others, and I love to write. I once was depressed, chained down by anxiety, depression, worry, fear, and feelings of hopelessness, but now, I am full of joy! Let me help you reach your destiny!

What Am I Passionate About?

In short, I am passionate about loving people! We are constantly surrounded by hate, violence, anger, and disparity in society. There is so much division! I enjoy speaking in front of groups delivering inspiring, moving, and actionable messages.

What Do I Do?

I love to write, speak to groups, churches, businesses, and other organizations. I spend a lot of time creating, designing, and developing businesses.

What's My Story?

For six years I was a law enforcement officer. I served in various roles with one agency until the Fall of 2015. In January 2015, I wrote a book for law enforcement and a business was born, although unplanned. The business quickly grew out of part-time status and in September 2015 I left law enforcement to focus full-time on my business. Now I write for Entrepreneur Magazine, The Huffington Post, I travel to speak, and I spend a lot more time with my family, which is awesome!!

What's Next?

My goal is to leave a lasting impact on the lives of others before my time expires. Life is short, and sometimes, it is very difficult. My plans are simple: Write, speak, publish more books, and serve as a mentor to others who want to find a lifestyle of freedom.

Where Do You Come In?

I welcome your emails, phone calls, and connections on social media. Please, feel free to share some of your wins in life, your struggles, and ways I can help you get some quick wins as your personal mindset coach. I would love for you to share my page with your friends, and connect with me!

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Here are some of the publications I have been published in:

I have the expertise and winning record necessary to take your dreams from a place of fantasy to reality. I can help your business move from stagnant to high-performing. Check out some of my work below.


Working to help other businesses reach their goals is a passion of mine so it is only natural that I would write about related topics. You can read my business articles on The Huffington Post. 


If we fail in every area of our lives but this one, we will have all we need. Without loyal, loving, and sincere friends, family, and love ones, where would we be? I love to write about relationship topics and you can find those articles either here or on The Good Men Project. 


I am a nerd. I get it. I read a lot, study a lot, and I love to learn. I am addicted to learning more every day. I will occasionally write about website design related topics, seo related, social media, or other similar topics on any given platform. 

Do You Feel Useless?

  Thursday night of last week I had the privilege of speaking at the Empowered To Win Conference in Ashford, Alabama. What an amazing opportunity to serve the beautiful people of who came. I was more blessed than they were I am sure! A huge thank you to Pastor...

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What’s Your Move?

What’s Your Move?  It seems as though every day that passes our society becomes more desensitized to violence. We turn on the news find the headlines telling us another law enforcement officer has been ambushed and murdered. We then wait. We wait on leadership...

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Fear: How I Overcame It and Found Freedom

semmickphoto / 123RF Stock Photo What Has Fear Robbed You Of?  Before I ever wrote a single word for anyone outside of my immediate family to read, I had a tremendous, debilitating fear of failing. In fact, I was afraid of just about anything. One day, for no reason...

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Finding Hope

Copyright: Image by StockUnlimited It seems nearly every day we face tragedy in the news, close to home, or for some, at home. The pain is not something that goes away, and the phrase, “Time will heal it all”, well, it just doesn’t cut it.  ...

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